The Way Art Has Influenced Fashion and Vice Versa

Art is visual and so influences everything that we see. It influences fashion designers and the trends that we see in clothing. Some of the clothing found in Kohl’s department stores could be considered a work of art in their own right. To access these pieces at a lower price you might want to use some of the coupons shown over at this website. Anyway, this article will look at some of the ways art has altered fashion over the years and also at how art has been influenced by the trends of the time.

Animal Prints

Artists’ fascination with nature has transferred from the palette to the dress, as we see a range of animal print designs remaining popular among ladies young and old wanting to feel more at one with nature. Everything from tiger to leopard print is available. The difference between the two is that a tiger has orange fur, whereas a leopard has light brown or golden fur. The black stripes of the tiger become the black dots of the leopard. It is like a man choosing his tie for a sales meeting, it can often be a choice of shades and then between stripes or dots. Red the passion for his product, and dots all the areas he plans to sell it.


The good thing about t-shirts is that you can have anything you want to have printed on them, from slogans to pictures. Embroidered t-shirts are also popular, and many options can be found on websites like Their designs are amazing, and they could be well worth looking into if your workplace bans slogans in case they offend. In this instance, pictures or logos are the safest design to pursue. In terms of the pictures, they can represent a person’s interests. For instance, if you like elephants, you might want to have one of those on your t-shirt. If you like the work of a particular artist such as Van Gogh, you might like to have his sunflowers on your t-shirt, rather than a representation of just anybody’s depiction of a sunflower.

Using screen printing, it is possible to print t-shirts to your required design. Artists who come up with bespoke designs can make a business out of it. Any piece of artwork that can be hung on a wall can be paraded around on a t-shirt as a screen print.


During the mid to late 50s in the UK and the US, pop art would become popular. It challenged fine art by creating imagery associated with mass and popular culture. This included comic books, advertising, and mundane items that were essentially mass-produced. Many of these iconic designs still appear on t-shirts today.

Period Clothing

There is a market for period clothing. Styles do tend to become linked to a particular period. For instance, flares will forever be associated with the 70s and disco fever. You will see people wearing them to fancy-dress parties. If artists are looking to represent the 70s in their images, they will think about including them, as they are the one unmistakable thing about the decade. A decade earlier, the mini-skirt is associated with the 60s and considered an iconic image of that time. It has never gone out of fashion and is seen in a lot of nightclub settings.

Many artists will look for second-hand clothes in charity shops and bring a style back into fashion, either by wearing the items as intended or using them to make a hybrid of old and modern. Many of the colours found are vibrant and have striking imagery.

Leonardo da Vinci

When Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa he was said to be influenced by the fashion at the time. Today, we wonder why his famous portrait does not have eyebrows, but in the Renaissance period, women would shave facial hair including their eyebrows. The painting can now be found in the Louvre Museum in Paris which can be said to be its rightful home as it was sold by Leonardo to the king of France.

So, in conclusion, art and fashion can be seen to be closely linked. The subjects that have appeared in paintings have appeared on clothing and the other way around. Also, Leonardo da Vinci, paying attention to detail, made certain of representing his Mona Lisa with no eyebrows, in keeping with the fashion for women at that time.

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