How To Get Started In Photography?

Photography is an activity that can quickly become a consuming passion. I received my first camera at three, and although I was not familiar with the principles of professional photography; I carried my camera everywhere with me. The reaction is the same with adults. Anyone who starts then finds it difficult to stop, however the approach is different. Some will content themselves with taking pictures of family and friends or photographing for fun. Others will want to go further and hone their skills. My recommendations are mainly addressed to the latter, although the former lose nothing by applying them.


Don’t spend a fortune on your first camera

I see him all the time. A person who takes his first steps in photography is looking for an ultra sophisticated camera he later cannot use. It is important to keep in mind a simple principle; it is not the camera that makes the picture; it is the photographer. No matter how excellent and powerful a camera may be, it will only give mediocre results in the hands of a person who does not know how to use it.


Take a course

No, photographing is not just about pointing at a target lens and clicking the button to take a picture. There are many other factors to consider when you want to get good quality photos. Photography classes, no, it’s not expensive. I recommend those who can’t afford to sign up for professional courses right away to look for clubs. They are free and members exchange tips and tricks. Ideal to take your first steps in the world of photography. I encourage you not to be shy. Among the members there will be many experts, but also many novices. Moreover, the experts of the group are always ready to help those who need it.


Practise, practise, practise, practise continuously

Photography is like riding a bicycle. If we think that the theoretical courses will be enough, we will never make it. Personally, whenever I had time, I would take one or two pictures, sometimes outside, sometimes in my apartment. It’s an opportunity not only to refine the technique but also to learn how to use the camera. It is important to understand that the most beautiful photo of the moment can be taken even in the kitchen, in the bedroom or on the balcony. So, there is no reason to reproduce the photos of well-known photographers. It is a waste of time. Photography is an art, so you have to let your creative spirit speak for itself. If you have a pet or children (especially young children), it will be perfect because both are permanent sources of inspiration.


Test all the functions of the camera

We stay in a comfort zone to avoid disappointment, and the same thing happens to budding photographers. Once they have mastered one or two functions, they are afraid to test others because they don’t want to do anything wrong. It’s ridiculous because all these functions have their advantages and disadvantages. The best way to improve your skills and understand how to do better is to test them. By postponing forever, you don’t make progress.


Be interested in the opinion of professionals

During the learning period, one cannot see these errors. This skill comes with time. It would therefore be a shame to believe that you are already professional when it is not yet the case. Whenever you have the opportunity, it is wise to present the pictures to a professional.


Photo software doesn’t make the pictures

A few decades ago, photographers knew that to get the ideal picture, they would have to rely only on their know-how. Nowadays, thanks to the development of computer technology, it is now possible to use software to correct mistakes. It’s perfect, but too many beginners abuse it. It seems to them that the only way to get a perfect picture is to use the software. In reality, it’s just the opposite. The software is used to perfect an already almost ideal photo.


It would be an overstatement to say that it is easy to become a professional photographer. It is a long-term work which requires a significant effort. However, the task is far from being as complex as one might think. With a bit of good will, one can succeed quickly.

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